To run a large sales operation,
you need everyone
on the same page.

best practices

Best Practices

Without accepted best practices, you're trying to manage anarchy. adSails software can help you structure the sales process and create a sales force that is leaner, more efficient, and more profitable. Our software is built around proven, common-sense business practices that can be customized to implement your strategic vision. You don’t want your sales operation debating the best way to do the job. When you automate business rules, you focus everyone on getting the job done.

  • Sales Process
  • adSails’ new Pipeline Workflow interface organizes the life of every sale, from an AE’s cold calls to export to your traffic system. It creates an iron-clad paper trail that documents every step of the process as defined by your sales protocol.

  • Standardization of Orders
  • adSails lets you standardize proposals, contracts, insertion orders, copy instructions, production orders, and more. It allows you to present a consistent, professional face to your customers and eliminates internal confusion between different departments.

  • Account List Management
  • Managing accounts is just as important as managing inventory. adSails makes it easy. It enforces your account list policies, generates regional masterlists, and makes it easy to flip accounts. Our focus on data ownership ensures that you maintain one of your most valuable assets—your customer base.

  • Forecasting and Sales Planning
  • When everyone is playing from the same rule book, gathering and analyzing information is easy. That's one of the major benefits of implementing best practices: adSails gives you powerful metrics for directing the growth of your sales operation. Unlike other sales automation or CRM tools, adSails analytics are based on real—not reported—numbers. Billing projections, tracking reports, and churn analyses are just the beginning. Our software's sales planning tools can help managers and AEs set goals (dollars pitched, new accounts, cold calls) required to meet budget or income goals.

  • Enforcement
  • Once you establish best paractices, how do you measure compliance? By implementing them with a ground-level workflow automation solution. adSails crystalizes and reports on important aspects of your business protocol, such as account approval policy, rate integrity, and sales process. When you automate business rules, you don't have to worry about enforcement because the software does it for you.