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Customer Relationship Management

adSails software incorporates a powerful CRM component that has been tailored to the needs of the advertising sales industry. To be effective, CRM software has to fit your marketplace. Traditionally, that means expensive customization through VARs and integrators. But not anymore. As a CRM solution, adSails gives you the functionality you need at a price you can afford.

CRM Features

Relational Data Structure

What makes adSails different from other CRM solutions? The data structure. Our development strategies have evolved around the complex relationships between brands, clients, agencies, and rep firms. Unlike other CRM applications, adSails can actually keep track of your customers—all of them. With its relational data structure, adSails outclasses traditional CRM solutions in functionality and in price.

  • Industry-specific customization
  • Out of the box, adSails delivers unparalleled customization. From client media libraries to searchable account profiles, the software is designed to maximize the profitability of customer relationships. adSails is more than CRM. It's a comprehensive sales tool.

  • Account list management
  • Real CRM standardizes your business rules. It enforces account approval policies, generates masterlists, and supports account flipping. adSails does all that and more. It gives you higher-order functionality that traditional CRM can't touch.

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  • Extended Functionality

    Alongside its CRM component, adSails delivers extended funtionality in the form of account history, order generation, and customized analytics. These features can measurably increase productivity across your operation. These additional components are fully integrated with adSails CRM to give you the most powerful sales software on the market.

  • Account History
  • With its new Pipeline Workflow interface, adSails builds comprehensive account histories as AEs work. It documents every aspect of sales activity. The pipeline is built around your sales protocol, so it gives your operation greater accountability, standardization of business rules, and enforceable best practices.

  • Order Generation
  • adSails automates all production and advertising orders. It gives your sales force more time to sell, reduces costly mistakes, and provides powerful metrics for every level of your operation.

  • Analytics
  • By bringing CRM, sales activity, and order generation under the roof of one sovereign application, adSails gives you access to a unique set of analytics. That means AEs can sell smarter, managers can manage better, and corporate can get real-time information on the operation's performance.