Follow the money.
From start to finish.

End-to-End Integration

End-to-End Integration

One of the keys to a more profitable sales operation lies in tracking money. You want to be able to account for every dollar, from when it gets pitched by an account executive to when it gets billed by your traffic department. And now you can. adSails software integrates with research software on the front end and traffic software on the back end to give you a transparent view of your operation's sales activities. It lets you follow the money, from pitch to close.

adSails brings your front-end sales process and back-end fulfillment under the same umbrella. That means improved transparency and accountability.

Incorporating Research

  • Quantative
  • Ratings can be an important sales tool. adSails imports schedules directly from programs like Strata, giving you the power of quantitative research when you need it. Importing preserves the integrity of your analytics, standardizes client presentations, and saves AEs and traffic personnel the work of re-keying orders.

  • Qualitative
  • adSails integrates with qualitative research applications as well. Account executives can incorporate data into proposals from research vendors such as Scarborough, Griffen, Arbitron, and Marketron.

    Exporting to Traffic

  • Electronic Interface
  • When AEs generate orders electronically, it can have a dramatic impact on your traffic operations. The data entry has already been done in adSails and can be exported to your traffic software, virtually eliminating data entry for your traffic department. That can translate into dramatic savings through consolidation, increased productivity, and improved accuracy.

  • Revision System
  • adSails includes a comprehensive revision system that allows your operation to deal with change orders and ma/ke goods without sacrificing your analytics. Account executives use the software to generate revision insertion orders, so billing projections and tracking reports are always representative. That means you can follow the money, no matter how complicated the trail gets.