Workflow automation is all about
driving revenues.

workflow automation

Workflow Automation

When you streamline the workflow, you give your account executives more time to sell. You give your managers greater control over the sales process. And you gain access to powerful analytics that can inform your strategic decision-making. Real workflow automation is comprehensive: it covers the life of the sale, from cold call to traffic, allowing you to follow the money. And it makes your sales organization leaner and more profitable by consolidating the time and effort spent on the paper trail. Here’s how it works:

For Account Executives

  • Activity Tracking: From cold call to traffic
  • adSails’ new Pipeline Workflow interface organizes the life of every sale, from an AE’s cold calls to export to your traffic system. It creates an iron-clad paper trail that documents every step of the process as defined by your sales protocol.

  • Integrated Order Generation—Pitch, close, and traffic in one step
  • adSails saves account executives time by applying a simple principle: the single authorship of information. That means that an AE creates an order once, and then presents it in different ways for different audiences—proposals, contracts, and insertion orders, all with no extra work. By eliminating the paper trail, adSails generates productivity gains that translate into measurable increases in revenue.

  • Production Orders
  • adSails streamlines and standardizes the creation of production orders, storyboards, scripts, copy, etc. Every entry becomes part of an account library.

  • Integrated reporting
  • Genuine workflow automation gives an AE powerful reporting tools. As an AE sells, the software keeps track of account histories and generates a variety of metrics. Unlike any other application, adSails bases all metrics not on reported numbers, but on orders generated in the software. AEs don’t have to spend time writing weekly activity reports because the software does it for them.

    For the Enterprise

  • Order-approval interface
  • adSails’ ground-breaking order-approval screen provides a centralized interface for AEs, managers, business, and traffic departments. As soon as an account executive closes an order, management and business departments can review the order for approval, and traffic can execute it. It’s the ultimate in transparency and accountability. That means orders get processed faster and more reliably.

  • Traffic Interface
  • Why make your traffic department key in orders when AEs have already entered them? adSails can export AEs’ orders to your traffic system. Our traffic interface virtually eliminates data entry for your traffic personnel so that they can focus on managing inventory.

  • Consolidation of Workflow
  • adSails consolidates the creation of sales packages, form letters, and research integration. By leveraging the efforts of sales assistants, marketing, and research departments, you can give your AEs even more time to sell.

  • Analytics
  • adSails software collects data at ground level. Sales activity generates the basis for a unique set of analytics not offered by any other application. The information can be viewed in a variety of ways, from the granular to global.