Size doesn't matter.
Leverage does.



Convergence is making the ad sales marketplace more complex and more exciting. Imagine owning mulitple media platforms—a cable system, magazines, a cluster of radio stations, and a signage company. What if you could leverage all of these assests with a single sales system?

What if a single account executive could present a cohesive, coherent buy to major agencies, one that leverages all these diverse media? What if this proposal could be reported from a single point, and—as soon as the deal is closed—sent to multiple traffic sites?

With adSails, it's possible.

Multiplatform sales allows you to realize the promises of media convergence. adSails is the single, sovereign application that brings diverse media assets under one roof. It puts them, literally, on the same page. adSails has a robust data structure tailored to the needs of the advertising sales industry. With adSails, your potential is unlimited.

  • Unlimited product types
  • adSails supports any number of products within a single system, and you can define the product types: spots, impressions, click-throughs, emails, column inches, transactions, mailings, ads, pages, units, etc. The possibilities are endless. Additionally, our robust metrics system can report on a variety of billing calendars.

  • Unlimited geographies
  • adSails can accomodate inventories that are local, regional, or national in scope. Currently, we have a system in place that sells five hundred cable zone geographies—on one line if desired—and we are looking for something larger.

  • Unlimited rate cards
  • Do you have multiple inventory types? Multiple rate strategies for different geographic regions, or different calendar quarters? No problem. adSails software supports an unlimited number of rate cards. We also offer inventory-based yield management tools that allow you to tie rates to levels of unsold inventory.

    With adSails, size truly doesn’t matter. You can add as many media properties—and as many different platforms—as you want. adSails will manage them for you so that you can focus on managing your bottom line.