Advertising inventory is a complex commodity.
Simplify it.

Pricing Structures

Pricing Structures

Inventory is a sales operation’s lifeblood. But unfortunately, inventory is perishable and its value depends on a whole range of variables. Establishing a competitive, profitable pricing structure is essential for growing your operation’s bottom line. adSails software is the most powerful tool on the market for leveraging the value of your inventory. It cross-references complex sets of variables according to your sales practices and specifications:

  • Medium type
  • Geographic regions or zones
  • Networks, publications, sites, stations, etc.
  • Daypart, page type, location
  • Size
  • Inventory levels
  • Buying behavior
  • Quarterly rate cards

Once you establish the guidelines, implementation determines the viability of your pricing strategy. Rate integrity suffers when AEs are left to do the arithmetic, so why not give them a tool that calculates pricing for them? You don't want AEs to spend a lot of time figuring out what the rate should be on each line of an order. You want them to sell. adSails makes it easy to deploy and enforce a comprehensive pricing strategy.

How it works: The adSails Rational Rate Structure

The adSails rate structure is built around a rational system of qualifiers that modify base rates. It helps you get the most out of your inventory by responding to customers’ buying behavior. Obviously, positive buying patterns give your traffic department flexibility to manage your inventory, minimize exceptions, and schedule makegoods. Negative buying behavior insists on more specific pieces of advertising real estate, constraining your control. The adSails approach is simple: By laying automatic qualifiers over basic rate structures, adSails creates virtual rates that maximize your inventory by rewarding flexible buying and maximize your yield by penalizing selective buying patterns with premium prices.

Virtual rates are also easy to maintain. They operate on the principle of leverage: adSails uses minimal effort to achieve far-reaching results. That means you can fine-tune your pricing strategies and respond more quickly—and more profitably—to the needs of the market. Our Rational Rate system currently boasts hundreds of permutations, and we are adding more qualifiers all the time. If your pricing strategy incorporates a rate qualifier that we don’t already offer, we'll add it.

Do you have multiple inventory types? Multiple rate strategies for different geographic regions, or different calendar quarters? No problem. adSails software supports an unlimited number of rate cards. We also offer inventory-based yield management tools that allow you to tie rates to levels of unsold inventory.

At adBlocks, we have been analyzing different rate strategies for nearly a decade, collecting from them the features that are most effective. adSails software reflects that expertise. From top to bottom, it manages the real-world complexity of pricing media assets.