Companies grow.
So should your sales software.



Sales software is an investment. Before you invest, you need to be sure that you’re not going to outgrow your sales system. What if the size of your sales force grows dramatically? What if you add new geographies, new products, or even new advertising platforms? Will you have to discard your sales system for something more robust? Or even worse, have two or more systems working alongside one another? Not if you have adSails. With adSails, you can be confident that you are making a long-term investment—one that will continue to generate real ROI, no matter how big you grow your business.

  • End Users
  • We can accomodate an unlimited number of user licences for adSails. Our development strategies have produced software that is scalable from a single sales office with five end-users to a national sales force of thousands.

  • Geographic Zones
  • adSails can accomodate inventories that are local, regional, or national in scope. Currently, we have a system in place that sells five hundred cable zone geographies—on one line if desired—and we are looking for something larger. Geographies are unlimited.

  • Rate Structures
  • adSails software supports an unlimited number of rate cards. We also offer inventory-based yield management tools that allow you to tie rates to levels of unsold inventory. The number of different rate systems is limited only by your imagination.

  • Product Types
  • adSails supports any number of products within a single system, and you can define the product types: spots, impressions, click-throughs, emails, column inches, transactions, mailings, ads, pages, units, etc. The possibilities are endless. Additionally, our robust metrics system can report on a variety of billing calendars. So as your operation expands to other media platforms, your sales software grows with you.

  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Using our thin-client deployment communicating through the internet, you can have offices all over the world using a single adSails system. When not in the office, users may access data from home or using wireless laptops or PDAs.

    The more complex your system, the more we like it. We started our business by responding to marketplace complexities; we have evolved by learning to anticipate them. We know that the industry needs a sales system with genuine scalability, and we’ve built it into our software.