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The future is hard to predict. Especially when you're responsible for a large sales force.

Your revenue projections are only as good as the information you base them on, so how do you guarantee accuracy? With a database solution that automates the sales process at ground level. adSails software allows you to project revenues by looking at the proposals your sales force your sales force puts on the streets. It is the only software solution that bases forecasts not on what AEs report, but on what they actually do. Learn More

Stop worrying about what isn't getting done.

When you give your sales force a standard methodology in the form of best practices, everybody wins. The team becomes more productive, management has greater control, and the company maximizes its revenue potential. adSails allows you to define the sales process and measure compliance at every level of your organization. Learn More

Clients. Brands. Agencies. Rep firms. To service your customers, you first have to keep track of them.

Managing customer relationships can be difficult in advertising sales. Off-the-shelf CRM solutions just don't cut it, and you don't have time or money to burn on customization. we are focused on the ad sales vertical, so our software's relational data structure is built to describe the complexity of your marketplace. Learn More

How do you follow the money? By tracking the life of every order.

The account executive sells it, the manager approves it, and traffic executes it. Your bottom line depends on these departments working together seamlessly. adSails ties them all together with its order-approval interface. Everyone sees the same information and knows exactly where every sits in the pipeline- from the moment is gets closed to the moment it gets executed. Learn More

Managing multiple media properties can be a logistical nightmare. But it doesn't have to be.

Not when you have a sales tool that pulls them all together. At adBlocks, we are taming complexities that make convergence seem impossible- multiple inventories, independent rate structures, dispersed traffic sites. Our adSails software is the single solution that allows you to leverage multiple media properties. Learn More

To maximize profits, you have to manage your inventory.

For a rate card to leverage the value of your media properties, it has to be responsive and enforcable. At adBlocks, we have made a science of systematizing rate strategies, from simple retail models to complex yield management schemes. Our Rational Rate structure gives you the flexibility and control to get the greatest value from your inventory. Learn More

As technology evolves, survival depends on the ability to adapt.

With technology partners like Servoy, Sybase, Sun Microsystems, Citrix, and GoToAssist, we are able to offer our clients unparalled functionality and service. As technology evolves, so does our software, guaranteeing our clients scalability, ease of deployment, and return on investment, It means that we stay at the forefront of workgroup database development, data replication, and application serving. Learn More

Inefficiency eats into your cashflow. Now you can bite back.

adSails is the single most powerful tool you can give your sales force. It organizes the entire sales process, from cold call to traffic. When you simplify the paper trail, AEs have more time to sell, and that means more money. Developed by account executives, it actually makes the job of selling easier. Learn More